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Tauranga Boys College is located in the beautiful Western Bay of Plenty and has the largest port in New Zealand. It was established in 1958, and it is one of NZ’s Super 8 School’s Group. The College has excellent facilities, and its site has 10.86 hectares of land. It has over 1890 students, with a staff to student ratio of about 1: 11. It takes students from Years 9-13 and from the ages of 13-18. Its closest airport is Auckland International Airport, which is 2.5-hour drive away or 25 minutes by flight.

Pastoral Care & Support


  • Specialist English Preparation classes (3 hours / day)
  • Senior ESOL classes as well as IELTS classes
  • Support class for senior students
  • Caring, nurturing and supportive International staff
  • Provide ‘Enrichment’ and ‘Learning Support’ Programmes and ‘Accelerated Learning’ Programme


  • A free study centre provided for senior boys in preparation for upcoming exams.
  • Academic progress is continually monitored Reports are sent to parents 3 times during each school year.
  • 24/7 on call support
  • A caring, loving family that students will feel part of the family

Academic Success

Graph: Number of scholarships gained by Bay of Plenty Schools, 2008—2014.

Continuous Excellence

  • Alumni: Sir Bruce Ferguson, former chief of the NZ Defence Force, former Director of the Government Communications Security Bureau and Director of the Security Intelligence Service. Regularly lead the region in scholastic achievement, particularly in the National Scholarship Examinations.
  • Regularly lead the region in scholastic achievement, particularly in the National Scholarship Examinations.

Fees & Timetable

Tuition Fee:
3 termsNZD11,000
2 termsNZD7,500
1 termNZD4,000
Registration feeNZD500
Administration of Homestay:
Half yearNZD450
Homestay: WeeklyNZD250
Airport return NZD200
Uniforms (EST)NZD360
Insurance / year (EST) NZD530
Pocket MoneyNZD2,000-2,500

129 Jan—3 Feb: new students & Year 9 & 13 students
4 –5 Feb: all students
15 Apr 2016
22 May 20168 Jul 2016
325 Jul 201623 Sep 2016
410 Oct 201616 Dec 2016

Student Success Stories

  • DUX—James Thwaite, awarded the Norman Clarke Trophy for the top academic student. James was also presented with the HOBEC Bursary for 1st place in Level 3 English, the University of Auckland Scholarship, the Cooney Lees & Morgan Prize for 1st in Level 3 History, the Ricoh Prize for top Arts Scholar, the Westpac Prize 1st in University Calculus, and a Donald & Minola Grant Scholarship.
  • Proxime Accessit – Liam Ransley, awarded the University of Auckland Faculty of Science Scholarship, the Ricoh Award for Top Science Scholar, the Higgins Contractors Award for 1st place in Level 3 Mathematics with Calculus and the Bay Office Products Depot Prize for 1st place in Level 3 Biology.
  • Wade Penney Memorial Scholarship – Ben Donald.
  • Donald & Minola Grant Scholarships – Tyler White and Luke Oxford.
  • Bay of Plenty Education Trust Scholarships – Ben Warren, Jacob Magee and Andrew Simmons.

Lifestyle Balance

Tauranga Boys’ College is the school of choice for students who want to reach their potential in sports. Tauranga Boys’ College Titans Sport is committed to providing opportunities for participation, sporting excellence, and a positive competitive environment where students are encouraged to expand their knowledge of all aspects of sport. All boys who participate in sport are considered a ‘Titan’.

The College has a proud record of achievement in a wide range of sports, with a number of national titles and New Zealand Representative awards being secured by pupils past and present.

  • Jordan Parry and the crew received a Silver Medal in the 2015 Under 23 Championships in Plovdic.
  • In conjunction with Tauranga Girls’ College, annually stages a major production, e.g. Jesus Christ Superstar etc.

  • Six crews made the A Finals at North Island Secondary Schools Rowling Championships.
  • Competes successfully in the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival, Stage Challenge and Kapa Haka.
  • Being the administrative centre for the Western Bay of Plenty Itinerant Music scheme.

Application Forms

Student Testimonials

  • Ho Man – LUK

    “When I first arrived at Tauranga Boys’ College, I was shy. I am now more confident and my English has really improved. Two years ago I found it difficult to learn in Chinese schools, I was a boy now I can be proud to say I am a young man. My name is Ho Man and I come from GuangZhou. It has been a great experience living amongst a new culture and joining in on new activities. In 2012, on my first day at Tauranga Boys it was my birthday. I was very nervous but every one gave me so much support. I think Tauranga Boys’ College is ‘best for boys’ and especially best for me.”

  • Dunyin – ZHU

    “The Kiwi boys at Tauranga Boys’ are fun and are really funny. When I first arrived I struggled with my English, being in the same classes and talking to the Kiwi boys has really helped me to improve my English. The International Centre is very good and Mrs Mason and Mrs Adams help us a lot. Mrs Roff is the Director and she is very kind and always helps us with our problems or school work. I think we are very lucky to have her.”

ERO Report

The Education Review Office reported recently:

“ School leaders and teachers at Tauranga Boys’ College provide high quality education for a large and diverse student population within a well ordered, caring, inclusive and welcoming environment. Students can experience success through a rich curriculum, multiple learning pathways, and an extensive programme of co-curricular activities appropriate for boys.”

This is a report done by the Ministry of Education to the quality of schools across New Zealand.

See the ERO report

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