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An excellent co-educational high school situated within very close proximity of Auckland city centre and to the lush beauty of Mission Bay. It was founded in 1956 and has 950 co-educational students, of which 30 are international. Selwyn College is well known for its academic excellence and consistently appears at the top of the league tables, which show the best schools in Auckland. It is consistently praised when inspected, one recent comment being: ‘Selwyn College is a high performing school.’ (Source from Education Review Office). For those who are aiming high to enter the world’s leading universities there are few better places to study than Selwyn College!

Pastoral Care & Support


  • Learner Support provide school-wide literacy and curriculum support
  • Have Learning Enhancement Classed for students
  • Totara Learning Centre creates a supportive nurturing and fun environment and helps students to become confident, connected and actively involved lifelong learners
  • Totara Learning Centre includes: Special service for students with special needs, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy and ASDAN programme (Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network)

Academic Success

Level 1Level 2Level 3University Entrance
Selwyn College95.395.590.476.7
Glendowie College92.290.985.971.2
Pakuranga College89.187.284.473.9
Onehunga College63.465.567.850.0
Auckland Girls Grammar School76.179.665.053.1
Epsom Girls Grammar School92.194.890.283.6

  • Academic Achievement is Selwyn College’s priority. Each year the academic pass rate is over 90%. Its NCEA results are amongst the best in the country. Listed are some of the best state schools in central and east Auckland.
  • The college offers a range of National Certificates in areas such as Business, Computing, Performing Arts, Sports Leadership, Engineering, Furniture Manufacturing and Hospitality. Students also have the opportunity to gain credits in the workplace through our Gateway programme.
  • Last year Selwyn College won the Prime Minister’s Award for Excellence in Leading.

Fees & Timetable

Tuition Fee:
Full yearNZD13,800
3 termsNZD10,350
2 termsNZD6,900
1 termNZD3,450
NZ Government levyNZD480
Homestay facilitationNZD250
Uniforms (EST)NZD1,000
NCEA fee (Year 11-13)NZD383
Insurance / year NZD500

14 Feb—Year 9 & new students only
5 Feb—All students
15 Apr 2016
22 May 20168 Jul 2016
325 Jul 201623 Sep 2016
410 Oct 201616 Dec 2016

Student Success Stories

  • The New Zealand Minister of Finance, Mr Bill English awarded this student for ‘Best Speaker’ in a New Zealand Treasury’s School Challenge for his presentation on ways to help our country’s economy grow (pictured).
  • The evening of 31st October 2015, the Selwyn team was declared the winners of the Grand Final of the inter-secondary Slam Poetry competition called WORD THE FRONT LINE.  This is an outstanding achievement not only because it was the first time that Selwyn had participated in this competition but also, because the team had to work their way through several heats, competing against a large number of schools.  The evening consisted of electrifying poetry, truth and some stunning performances from the six finalist schools over three rounds.

Lifestyle Balance

Selwyn College believe that through participation in the broader aspects of school life students improve motivation, deepen their social skills, increase in maturity and develop a sense of community and service. It is renowned for its cultural diversity and strength as well as its innovative performing arts programmes. This is coupled with its excellent visual arts and a first class sporting facility, namely the ASB Stadium.

  • Being regarded as one of the best in Performing Arts and wins many awards.
  • Offer a wide variety of sports including Athletics, Archery, Badminton, Basketball, Cross Country, Cricket, Cycling – Race Cycling and Mountain Biking, Duathlon, Golf, Gymnastics, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Orienteering, Rugby, Rock Climbing.

  • Latest musical production ‘In the Heights’. The American writer granted Selwyn College the rights to perform this as the New Zealand Premiere (pictured).
  • Place huge importance on developing students’ leadership skills. It has implemented a model which provides for multiple student leadership opportunities and empowers students to be significantly involved in school life.

Application Forms

Student Testimonials

  • Francesco Grossi – Italy

    “The school, uniform and open classes really amazed me. I loved the incredible mix of people coming from hundreds of nations around the earth. I think it’s the most successful melting-pot I have ever seen. No matter where you are from, there’s no racism, no prejudices – all are together towards a mutual goal. I had the fortune to play on the Selwyn Football team, even scoring a goal! As for life in NZ, I will never forget how warm and friendly the people are. Common words which usually no one cares about, such as “thanks”, “sorry” and “you are welcome” still have a deep-rooted meaning in this land. It’s a way to greet people, letting them understand that they are really welcome. It might seem unimportant but it’s much easier for the foreign visitor to adapt to another country if its people do their best to make him feel at home. I love the “kiwi culture” and I would suggest everybody comes to New Zealand. I will remember the pride of belonging to a nation, identified in the All Blacks. They are not just a team, they are a religion.”

  • Jonghyun Lee – South Korea

    “Selwyn College is multi-cultural with students coming from most parts of the world. I have learnt from other students’ cultures and I have learnt to respect other cultures. I would describe Selwyn most of all as a “friendly school”. I think that is the biggest advantage of Selwyn College. This year I have been successful in my studies and I won three prizes, Top Scholar for Communication English, Excellence of Effort in Calculus and Chemistry and a Certificate of High Distinction in the Australian Mathematics Competition. I have a nice home-stay family. Just last weekend I invited my close friend and we had a delicious BBQ with my host family. They treat me like a son.”

ERO Report

The Education Review Office reported recently:

“The high academic achievement of both senior and junior students is indicative of the high levels of student engagement that characterize classroom learning.”

“Selwyn College is high performing school.”

This is a report done by the Ministry of Education to the quality of schools across New Zealand.

See the ERO report

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