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This lovely primary school was founded in 1956 and is 7 kilometres South of the City of Taranga. The school is committed to growing the global awareness of its student body. It has over 800 students ranging in age from 5-11 (years 1-6). Its core strength is its excellent arts program. The area surrounding the school is one of NZ’s most beautiful areas, the picturesque Western Bay of Plenty and the entrance of the NZ’s largest port.

Pastoral Care & Support


  • Specialist Music, Art & Dance teachers
  • International Manager & Interantional Liaison staff (first language)
  • Daily support from classroom teacher
  • Student Buddy
  • ESOL personal


  • Regular homestay visits
  • Regular student interviews
  • Daily interaction with international staff
  • Close attention to student happiness and welfare
  • Regular reports & close attention to academic and school progress

Fees & Timetable

Tuition Fee:
Full yearNZD12,000
Per weekNZD285
Admin feeNZD285
Airport transferNZD120-170 (return)
Insurance/year (EST)NZD500

13 Feb 201615 Apr 2016
22 May 20168 Jul 2016
325 Jul 201623 Sep 2016
410 Oct 201617 Dec 2016

Student Success Stories

  • The Greenpark School won national title in future problem solving in 2012 & 2014.
  • Two Korean students won top in NZ for ICAS maths and were awarded medal for their achievements at special ceremony.

Lifestyle Balance

  • Offer a new range of learning opportunities to meet the broadening interest and developmental requirements of all students.
  • Various of Cultural Programmes, e.g. Instrumental Tuition, Wearable Art Show, and Festivals in Dance, Speech & Drama.

  • Wonderful sports programmes including Saturday Sport Competition on Hockey, Cricket & Softball etc. and Festivals in Swimming.
  • Something for children with special abilities, such as Regional Mathematics/General Knowledge; Student Leadership etc.
  • Have great facilities, for example fully equipped Art Studio, Adventure playground.

Application Forms

Student Testimonials

  • Ben — South Korea

    “When I first came to school, it was my life turning over. I would call myself lucky to attend a fabulous school. I quickly got use to NZ schools and I was already settled in. At Year 5 I had a go at a speech competition that was held at the hall. Although I didn’t get a placing, I enjoyed it. That was one of the best things about this school. Able to enjoy and experience. Camp is the best. Finlay Park is full of adventures, friendship and fun. You can overcome your fears and sleep with your mates. Most importantly, dinner is ‘rad’. Roast beef and gravy? A perfect couple!”

  • Sally – South Korea 2011

    “It was my first day in New Zealand, which was whole new land to me, surroundings, people, language, and even the family. Everything was enough to make me nervous but I was enjoying all those things. Now I am back at Green Park School and having one last week. The past three weeks were full of adventures and changes and I gained a lot of courage through that. Looking back the past beautiful days, I feel like I want to go back to the past, or stay a little more. But I am still very happy with the time that I spent with kiwi friends here and wonderful memories that we made together. I hope Green Park Friends also had a great time with us being here for a month, and meet my kiwi friends again in my country.”

ERO Report

The Education Review Office reported recently:

“The values of honesty and respect as stated in the Greenpark Way are actively promoted and practiced in the school. Parents and students appreciate the school’s strong commitment to the performing arts and sport.

Greenpark School has a review history with ERO that demonstrates its effective promotion of student achievement and progress. Teachers know students well and ERO observed high levels of student engagement in interesting and well-paced class programmes.”

This is a report done by the Ministry of Education to the quality of schools across New Zealand.

See the ERO report

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