Abbey DLD Colleges have three excellent campuses in the vibrant and modern cities of London, Manchester and Cambridge, which designed to offer a superior cultural experience in close proximity to the world’s best Universities and global businesses. They have a history dating back to 1931 and now are part of the Alpha Plus Group, the gold standard in education (for more details, please refer to). The three colleges offer a range of courses including GCSE, BTEC, A levels, Foundation and English courses. London and Cambridge offer high quality urban boarding facilities, and brand new campuses. You can choose boarding on campus or homestay with local families.

Key Highlights

  • Brand new campuses in London and Cambridge
  • 99% A level pass rate in 2016
  • Excellent results with 11 Oxbridge offers this year (2017) and 44% obtained offers fromRussell Group Universities in 2016

  • An extra Extra-curricular program, which includes sport, music and Duke of Edinburgh
  • A medicine Foundation that has guaranteed progression into Aston University and UCLAN (subject to meeting the agreed requirements)
  • A good mix of students. Manchester has 35% UK students and London has 30% UK students

Pastoral Care & Support

Abbey DLD Colleges look after students from before they leave home for the UK to the day they leave for university – and sometimes beyond.


  • ‘ABC’ Extra-Curricular Programme which designed to provide the best opportunities for students to achieve outside of the classroom
  • Personal tutor to assist students on both academic and personal life at school
  • Trips to UK and EU to help students to learn about British and European culture
  • All Compulsory School Aged students play sport as part of their school week. Activities include; Archery, Football, Ice skating, Badminton, Table Tennis and manymore


  • All students are cared by our boarding team who live on site
  • Rooms for aged 13+ are all ensuite single spacious rooms
  • On site security 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to ensure all the students’ safety
  • Accommodation designated male and female floors
  • Offer outstanding accommodation right in the heart of the city

Academic Success

The three Abbey DLD colleges have different specialized areas and subjects. Cambridge centre is very good at A level mathematics and science, London is very good at the humanities subjects while Manchester runs excellent Engineering & physical sciences and has an excellent medicine Foundation, which offers guaranteed progression into Aston and UCLAN. Each college offers a tailored education designed to launch you on a successful and prosperous future, including entry to the UK’s most prestigious universities. To equip the students’ progress to the very top universities, especially Oxford and Cambridge, Abbey DLD Colleges offer students extensive support to take additional exams and wider programmes designed to help those aiming for the very highest level, e.g. Olympiads, Advanced Extension Awards (AEA) and Medical Careers Seminars.

  • 99% A level pass rate and 52% of international students achieving A*-A grades in 2016
  • Excellent results with 11 Oxbridge offers this year (2017) and 44% obtained offers from Russell Group Universities in 2016
  • Over 60% of A Level grades in the A* to A range in Abbey Cambridge
  • 88% of A Level grades in the A* to C range in Abbey Manchester
  • All teachers have an unrivalled knowledge of their subjects. Many are examiners for major examination boards, so they are uniquely placed to advise you on the best examination techniques.
  • All offer class size of 10
  • Alpha Plus Gold standard of education.

Fees & Timetable

InternationalCambridge (£)London (£)Manchester (£)
A Level COurse28,00028,00022,000
International Foundation Programme28,00028,00022,000
International Foundation Programme (6 months)N/A*N/A*18,000
18-Month A Level Course (Jan start)24,00024,000N/A*
Academic English7,5007,5006,500
College accommodation15,000-25,000
(Fully catered)
(Fully catered)
(Fully catered)
Host family accommodation**11,000-15,00011,000-15,0009,000-14,000

*These courses are not offered in these centres.
**In some instance, local host family accommodation is available at a lower price.

Term Dates 2017 -2018

Autumn Term 2017
Start Date: Monday 11th September 2017
Half Term: Monday 23rd to Friday 27th October 2017
End of Term: Friday 15th December 2017 at 1pm

Spring Term 2018
Start Date: Wednesday 3rd January 2018
Half Term: Monday 12th to Friday 16th February 2018
End of Term: Thursday 29th March 2018

Summer Term 2018
Start Date: Monday 16th April 2018
Half Term: Monday 28th May to Friday 1st June 2018
End of Term: Friday 29th June 2018

Student Success Stories

The students in Abbey DLD Colleges can participate in many challenging tests and events around the campuses.

  • 1 students received Roentegenium Award and 3 Gold award in 2016 in theCambridge Chemistry Challenge, who received an invitation to a residential summercamp at the University of Cambridge;
  • 5 students awarded gold in the UK Mathematics Trust Intermediate Maths Challengein 2016, while 4 and 3 students representatively for Silver and Bronze;
  • 31 students awarded gold in the Senior Mathematics Challenge while 26 got silver in2015;
  • 1 students achieved Top Gold and 4 Gold in the British Physics Olympiad in 2016,which is hosted by the University of Oxford. Top performing students will be selectedfor the British team competing at international level;
  • After Completing A levels at Abbey Cambridge in 2006, Oliver progressed to the University of Cambridge to study Engineering. Now he is completing his PhD in Bioengineering and running his own company, Cambridge Bio-Augmentation Systems.

Lifestyle Balance

Our wide enrichment programme across the Group of Colleges supports our academic curriculum and forms an integral part of the wider education and College experience we offer our students. Our goal is for every student to not only excel academically but to develop personally – in confidence and in their other interest and talents. Furthermore, to acquire the skills they will need to succeed throughout their future lives; communication skills, team-working, perseverance, resilience and project management are all key components of this. All students are encouraged to participate in one or more of our range of extra-curricular activities. This participation is important for students both as an opportunity for recreation and as an effective way to improve the quality of their UCAS personal statement and CV in the future.

  • Extra-curricular activities include arts appreciation, buddying programme, May Ball Committee, debating society, tennis, table tennis and fashion week and many others
  • Many fundraising events in each Colleges, e.g. staff leading students to set out on achallenge to run either a 5k or 10k run in aid of Evelina Children Hospital, who is helping to make a difference to thousands of young lives and their families
  • Rio Gold Medal Olympian Kate Richardson-Walsh inspires students by giving a speech on her sporting success
  • During half term, teachers take students to other countries for a short trip, likeIceland or EU
  • Abbey College Manchester won the debating trophy in the UN General Assembly inthe model United Nations over the global issue of the refugee crisis, which seven topGreater Manchester state and independent schools participated

Application Forms

Student Testimonials


    Abbey College Manchester
    A levels
    Chemistry A*, Physics A*, Mathematics A*, Biology A
    Destination: Imperial College London (Biomedical Engineering)

    “I came to study at Abbey Manchester in September 2012 to study GCSEs. It’s a small college and there is a real sense of community here. A-levels were a step up in difficulty and work load but the study skills I learnt from my tutors and teachers helped me manage that much better. The class sizes were small too. I could ask the teachers freely if I did not understand a topic properly. I listened to the advice from the UCAS support team and they prepared me thoroughly for the whole process. Outside of the classroom, I was a member of the ‘Abbey Band’ as a guitarist and pianist. I have loved my time here. I would recommend the college to anyone thinking of studying in the UK.”


    History A*, EPQ A*, Government and Politics A, English Lit A, German (AS) A
    Destination: Wadham College, Oxford (History)

    “DLD College is innovative, fun and enriching. Before I came to DLD I found the idea of living in another country very daunting. Boarding at DLD, I encountered lots of students who were in the same position as me, many of whom have become my close friends. As a Boarder, I had access to breakfast, lunch and dinner in the Refectory, which serves affordable, healthy and delicious food. The best thing about DLD is the teaching. Most of my teachers are published authors and all of them know their subjects incredibly well. In lessons, you can tell that they have a genuine passion for the topics they teach, which encouraged me to become interested in my subjects beyond the classroom.”

Government Report

The Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) notes:

“The academic curriculum is excellent and is a major strength of the College, fully supporting its aim to help its students achieve academic fulfilment”

“Students have a very positive attitude to learning. Their behaviour in lessons is exemplary”

“Teachers’ level of knowledge and expertise is high, not only in their academic subjects but also in examination requirements and techniques. With small or very small class sizes throughout the College, lessons are very much like tutorials, with teachers paying unusually close attention to the needs of each student”

“The College is a model of harmonious inter-racial relations”.

ISI Inspection Report, February 2011

See the ISI Report.

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